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A Full service marketing and Distribution firm, caters to talent promotion and branding services. Leveraging industry connections to build a strong fan base and fan discovery.

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About Mills Music Haus


Mac Mills Chalumeau


The first name that comes to mind when you think of a multi-media mastermind on the rise is Mac Mills Chalumeau. He worked hard to be in the top spot, becoming the industry’s most prolific rising CEO and Co-founder.

The business entrepreneur was born in Miami, Florida and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Mac Mills always felt most comfortable in leadership roles which lead him to the path of being a future media mogul. What began his career was his love for music learning different aspects of battle rap growing up in New York and that inspired him to create a magazine entitled “Get Signed”. Mac Mills would interview artist for the magazine for up to 5 years. This magazine was one of the first outside of newspaper print to highlight new music artist and businesses. Mac Mills received his bachelor’s degree in business marketing at Hofstra University, a private college in Hempstead, New York. In college he was a part of the Young Entrepreneurs club and hip hop kidz club. With his business savvy skills Mac has made a very well-known impression on the music scene. 

Mac started working with  labels & artist such as Ruff Ryderz, Fugees, NFL player Antonio Brown and Irv Gotti to name a few. In 2008 Mac’s career took of while working on roll outs, radio, and productions. Mac’s greatest achievement is starting his own branding and marketing agency Mills Music Haus  which helps elevate the careers of music artists, actors, and influencers. 

“I’ve been blessed to work with many people and touch many lives.”

Mac Mills has always strived to achieve more than the average individual and surpass regular expectations. Mac has blessed the music industry with his skillset and intellect for going on 13 years. Mac Mills is also well versed in real estate wholesaling so he is no stranger to big finances With that, he was allowed the opportunity to cross paths with other music influencers.

Deeply inspired by his strong passion for music and business economics, Mac manifested big deals such as Netflix and Revolt Tv and worked on productions such as a documentary with T.I. and Tamika Mallory entitled “From Pain to Power”. This Revolt special won an award for best short film.

Mac Mills set out to create a branding and management firm labeled Mills Music Haus. Mac has been a brand specialist for many years and has secured multi-million-dollar deals for many clients. One of his many influences is Lenny S, because they inspire him to be at the highest level bridging the gap between corporate and lifestyle street. In 5 years, Mac wants to have walls filled with plaques, taking artist to the #1 spot, and having the Mills Music Haus  brand be talked about in the same sentence as the likes of Roc Nation, Def jam and so forth.

Throughout this journey, Mac understood the importance of success and influence while focusing on creating a better life for his loved ones.

“I want to build something great.”

Mac plans on partnering and releasing a new streaming platform called “Vydia Distribution”.These platforms allow for entertainers to connect with fans and benefit financially for their hard work. Mac plans to present top-echelon business ventures and become the CEO playmaker you want to get next to!

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