About Blue Print pop up series

Sept 8th, 2023 | CHIcago, il

@CML Studios Miami

Artists will get a chance to perform in front of Grammy Award winning music producers , engineers ,songwriters and celebrity personalities. Each member will select the best musician to win a chance to win top packages and gain new industry contacts along the way. The BluePrint tour will host musicians during the sessions with media room access to live interviews with music media websites and radio stations. Increasing their awareness and fan discovery during this event will help develop their craft to create longer lasting music. 

Talent Details


Submission Process

Go onto www.MillsMusicHaus.com and fill out the form to enter the show.

Text “PERFORM” to 866-210-1495.

Musicians will be able to register and submit for FREE.

Submit one song to get selected to perform at Pop Up.


EARLY Bird $100 off by June 30th
July 5th $200 price increase
Deposit can hold slots %50
Email us at: artistsubmit@millsmusichaus.com

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